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Message from Chairman

Carrying the slogan 'Job-oriented education is the main help for employment' is our mission and vision is to create the self-employment based on technology to achieve the developed Bangladesh, which is the gift of great liberation war. In most cases students have to roam door to door by usual education. But anybody can reach to his goal by achieving job oriented or life leading education. Development and success depends on modern education, selection of job field and largely on its application. At present including Bangladesh the countries economically they have mainly succeeded on textile industry. Textile is the identification of civilization. Almost 70% trade and commerce of foreign exchange depends on Textile. 10% of total garments in the world is provided by Bangladesh. There are 9000 Garments Factories in Bangladesh. In spite of economic deficit in the whole world our progress is growing on gradually.

At present it is not capable for us to produce necessary number of skilled and educated manpower as it is necessary in the Textile Industry of present. That is why higher education in the Textile Engineering is the demand of time. For this aspect Shyamoli Ideal Textile Engineering College affiliated by Dhaka University has been established. Any skilled Engineer can be produced under the profound career and developed environment of education of Shyamoli Ideal Textile Engineering College. The lion's share of export-earning of Bangladesh comes from Textile industry. As a result, the demand of this industry as well as the concerned engineer is increasing.

The demand of Textile Engineering is wide. On the other hand there is a lack of skilled engineer. The area of profession is wide in this section. This engineer's can enter not only in Textile Industry but also in Investment Board, BISIC, Industrial Ministry, Jute and Textile Industry, Bank and Insurance, Silk and Cotton Development Board, Customs, Jute Research Center, B.M.B.|, Fashion & Design Institute, Production Management, Textile & Quality Assurance, Buying Houses, National Garment and Design Development Center. Besides a skilled Textile Engineer can be an investor and can open a Garments Industry, Wear-House, Buying House etc. In this way he can also create the opportunity of employment.

Shyamoli Textile Engineering College is affiliated by Dhaka University. Dhaka University will certify the students of this university, the students of College of Textile Engineering and Technology (now Bangladesh Textile University), Government- Textile Engineering and Shyamoli Ideal Textile Engineering College will get same certificate as well as same prestige in the job-field.

Shyamoli Textile Engineering College (STEC) came under the management of Shyamoli Ideal Technical College (SITC) on 2l, November 2009 and has now emerged as a Centre of Excellence in Textile Engineering Education for imparting practical oriented quality education for the engaged in the textile manufacturing industry. The prospectus of the institute includes various courses which have been designed to meet the industry's present and future requirements. I am very glad that STEC has recently introduced 4 years B. Sc. in Textile Engineering program for promoting textile education in Bangladesh. The success of any programme does not depend only on the supply of the capital and equipment. Human skills and knowledge need to be appropriately combined for bringing out desired success of the programme. I firmly believe that the education programme offered by STEC will definitely meet this need and help enhance the overall productivity, improve the quality of products and raise efficiency in overall management of the textile sector.

New Academic Building of STEC's biggest investment in a teaching and learning facility to date. I believe that a new building, new colleagues, and a glowing evaluation are all cause for celebration and will help us to survive, and perhaps even thrive, during what are likely to be some challenging years ahead. If a student can be a skilled Textile Engineer from this college and to deploy himself/herself for the welfare of the country and nation, I will find out the success of establishing this educational institute.

Principal M.A.Sattar
Shyamoli Textile Engineering College